Friday, November 7, 2014

Five for Friday

Happy Friday! 

Here is my weekly update from Ms. Spradlin's 2nd grade class! 

Our Save the Dates arrived! Wahoo! 
Our Save the Date magnets came in from WeddingPaperDivas

Wedding stamps, addresses, and Save the Dates!

Jellyfish Contractions Activity

Isn't this adorable?! 
Some of my students' jellyfish.

We have been working on contractions this past week. It's a difficult concept for my students to grasp and especially being because most of my students are English Language Learners. Do you have any great strategies on how to teach contractions to second graders? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Uh oh. It happened. 

A 2nd grader's nightmare.

I called all my students to come and sit on the carpet for story time. As I was reading a story, someone slipped and let out some gas. I ignored it and carried on with our story.

 That's when I heard an explosive, "BRRRRRRAAAAPPP". 

It was loud. It was alarming, and needless to say, it got my nose's attention.

 Wide eyed and surprised, I did my best to ignore the unintentional sound and carry on with my story. 

However, kids kept saying to one another, "That was totally you!", "Go use the restroom!", or the classic "Ew!".

 No one was listening to me. 

That's when I said, "Oh forget it, stand up for a GoNoodle brain break.

 That's when, sweet and innocent Sally (not her real name) waddled her way over to me with wide glassy eyes and a face full of horror says, "Ms. Spradlin... I..I..I.. POOOOP-TED my pants!". 

Poor baby. This child is the most sweet and quiet little girl. She is so easy to have in class and now this awful moment happened to her. Luckily, no
one in the class realized where the smell was coming from or who had let out the explosive fart. We had her cleaned up and taken home for the rest of the day.

Sweet girl. That was enough emotional trauma for one day. Thankfully, she returned to school today with a smile on her face. 

So now I can say I have had someone poop their pants on accident by attempting to fart during quiet time on the carpet.

 Maybe in 10 years we'll laugh about it...Or maybe not. 

This is what I come home fur babies.

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