Sunday, November 9, 2014

7 Ways to Tackle Anxiety

I have anxiety.

Not just your typical anxiety but extreme anxiety. From the symptoms of hot flashes, feeling of overwhelming panic, chest pain, trouble breathing, hyperventilation, trembling, irrational fears, excessive worrying, muscle tension, chronic indigestion, flash backs, compulsive behaviors, etc. 

You name a symptom of anxiety, and I have it

There are moments I am deeply ashamed of my anxiety, but I cannot control how my body reacts or feels. However, I have learned some techniques to help alleviate my anxiety

7 Ways to Tackle Anxiety

1. Write: Write down how you feel in a diary or even an email addressed only to you. Sometimes, the best ways to overcome that feeling is to write it down and reflect.  

2. Yoga & Deep Breathing: This helps me relax and forces me to breathe deeply while trying to compose difficult positions. It brings my body and mind to a controlled and safe place.

3. Talk to someone: Find that person who is an excellent listener. May it be a counselor, friend, colleague, significant other, whomever. As for me, that person is my father. He doesn't judge me or make me feel incredibly small when I'm having my bouts with my anxiety. He listens. He advises. He helps soothes my fears. Find that person who is willing to help you weather your anxious storm.  

4. Long walks: I take my two dogs on an hour long walk everyday. This helps me clear my mind from my worries or stresses in life. Exercise is known to alleviate stress and anxiety. After a long walk, I always feel better.

5. Keep busy: With teaching, working on my masters, and trying to keep the house afloat with daily chores, I keep plenty busy. Busy = good for my anxiety.  I don't have time to worry or feel anxious. However, when I have my summers off, I tend to keep busy by reading, cleaning, catching up with friends, cooking, walking, blogging, traveling, or doing yoga. 

6. Be realistic: I am the queen of having irrational fears. For example, if I had a bad headache, I would think the worst. Now, my goal is to be realistic. What could be causing my headache? Lack of sleep, caffeine withdrawals, stress? 

7. Focus on right now: I've realized I cannot worry about things that are out of my control. I just have to live life to fullest and enjoy each moment to be best of my ability. 

***By no means have I completely conquered my anxiety, but these techniques help me alleviate my anxiety. 

How do you alleviate anxiety in your life? I'd love to hear your ways!


  1. Also, I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one! I thought for awhile that I was just crazy :)

  2. Are we the same person? I think so. Quiet, alone, prayer time helps me too. Along with all the things you mentioned.