Thursday, November 13, 2014

Calling ALL the doctors...CONTRACTION surgery NEEDED!

Calling ALL the doctors!

Over the past few weeks, my class has been working on contractions. What a difficult concept to master for these sweet seven and eight year olds. I have mostly English Language Learners (ELLs) in my class whose first language is Spanish. Can you imagine learning contractions while you are trying to learn the English language? Not easy.

My colleague showed me a super cute activity called, "Contraction Surgery". I told my class, "Today we are going to play doctor. You will receive several words that need surgery! You will need to cut the words apart and then fix them with a bandaid".

The kids were SO excited. They almost instantly burst out of their little chairs.

I'm fortunate to have parents who work in the health field. They generously donated gloves, masks, and bandaids for each of my students.

I think this is a lesson my students will never forget. Hopefully when they think of contractions, it will jog their memory back to second grade where they conducted, "Contraction Surgery".

Here are some photos from our surgery:

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