Sunday, September 28, 2014

Five for Friday (On a Sunday)

Happy Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

I'm a little late but here is an update of my week:

"He looked at me!" "She cutted." "He took my pencil!" Ohhh the wonderful sayings of elementary students! Tattle, tattle, tattle! As I hear these tattles, I close my eyes and think of my happy place...a sunny and secluded beach where I can hear the loud crashing waves smashing among the shore.

 Ahhhhh...Okay, I'm ready to teach on...

We decided to focus on informing rather than tattling during our character development time. The story, A Bad Case of the Tattle Tongue was a fabulous story to read about tattling. We went over when it is appropriate to inform a teacher and when it was absolutely NOT appropriate.

We followed up the the lesson with a cute writing activity and craft.

You can purchase the craft on TPT here.

This is the face :( I had to make to get my fiance to take my picture at 6:30 am. I think I need to invest in a webcam.
Sweater: TJ Maxx
Pants: JCPenny
Boots: Target 
Happy Fall Y'all!

I promised myself I wouldn't get my boots out until the first day of fall. 

Therefore, I am going to wear them everyday until the first day of spring. Beware. 

I typically don't buy coffee from coffee shops, but when I do I go with a salted caramel mocha latte. YUM. Perfect for fall. 

I have my students read plays in "Read to Someone" during Daily 5 time. They LOVE it. It has been a perfect activity for buddy reading.You can get the plays here

It's the best when you hear your students not only acting it out, but using different accents as they speak.


Our hometown football team was 4-1 on Friday night. They were up against a competitive school with the same record. It was a nail biter the entire game. We ended up winning with a hail mary pass with 3 seconds remaining! Amazing!

That's all for now! Have a fabulous week!

Happy blogging!

xox Mica

Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to keep the LITTLE things organized in your classroom


I know, we all wish it was Friday, but the weekend is almost here!

You can do it! Keep teaching!

My first year of teaching, I thought I was organized. I had little buckets which contained staples, rubber bands, paper clips, white out, etc.

All the little stuff that comes with teaching.

Through out the year, I heard myself say, "Now where is blah blah blah"? I remember saying, "I can't find anything!".

It was a mess. I was a mess.

This year, I was determined to become organized...and to STAY organized.

Yes, I saw this on Pinterest. Yes, it's cute. Yes, it WORKS.

My snazzy teacher tool box. 
How did I make this beautiful piece of art?

Quite simple, actually. 

1. Buy a stack on drawer storage cabinet at Lowe's or Home Depot. ($17)
2. Download and print labels off Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). Here is the link to the store where I bought mine for FREE. 
3. Cut out labels and attach to the inside drawer using double sided tape.

Voila!...It's that easy or as my kiddos would say, "Easy peazy, lemon squeazy".

Happy TGI...Almost Friday!

Friday, September 19, 2014

5 Teacher Outfits to Inspire YOU

Happy Friday to YOU! I have been waking up thinking (Or maybe dreaming) that it was Friday since Wednesday. Needless to say, it has been a LONG (but good) week. Do you ever feel like you need some ideas on what to wear to school? Clothing that is cute, fresh, and professional? Here are a few pictures of some options. Note: I am obviously NOT A MODEL, but here are some weekly professional dress ideas. I want to acknowledge my poor fiance... He eagerly took my picture at 6:30 a.m. this past week...Meaning, he had to get out of our warm and comfy bed. If that isn't love, I'm not sure what is!

Happiest of FRIDAYS to YOU & Have a positively FABULOUS weekend!

xo Mica

Professional Dress Day (1)
Sweater: BlueNotes
White Belt: Old Navy
Professional Dress Day (2)
Sweater: Ann Taylor
Blouse: Maurice's
Pants: JC Penny
Flats: Target
Professional Dress Day (3)
Blazer: Nordstrom
Blouse: Ann Taylor
Polka Dotted Pixie Pants: Old Navy
Flats: Target
Professional Dress Day (4)
Cardigan: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Dress: Target
Leggings: Ann Taylor
Booties: Old Navy

Jeans Day (5)
Blouse: JC Penny
Cardigan: Forever 21
Flats: Target
Scarf: Forever 21

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A positive behavior management tool that WORKS and only reinforces GOOD behavior!

Sometimes getting control of our class through out the day can be challenging. There have been moments where I just want to shout, "Be quiet!". However, that wouldn't be appropriate and certainly wouldn't get control of my class! I loved the idea of the sparkly letters that spell "NOISE". You TAKE AWAY a letter every time your students get too loud until there aren't any letters left.

However, I want to create a FUN, engaging, and POSITIVE learning atmosphere. We should be REWARDING our students for GREAT behavior.

So I brainstormed and came up with a plan:

1. Go to Hobby Lobby.
2. Pick out some adorable sparkly foam letters for $1.99 each.
3. Buy small stick on magnets for the back of each letter.
4. Then attach the letters to the whiteboard.

You might be thinking, what letters did she pick out? I picked the letters T, I, G, E, R, S. As a district, we are the TIGERS! I figured, I would reward my class a letter when I saw them doing something great! For example, entering the classroom quietly, getting started on their morning work, raising their hand for permission to speak, walking down the hallway quietly and respectfully, etc!

At the beginning of the day, I start with the letters low on the white board. By the end of the day, our board usually looks like this

I also keep a "Star Chart" that goes from 1-100. Each time they earn "TIGERS" they earn 6 stars. When they reach 100 stars, they get a reward such as extra recess, computer time, Show-N-Tell, etc. 

This is just an idea that has worked well in my classroom. Use if you'd like! :)

Happy blogging my friends!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday [Fun]day

Hello All! 

I hope your Sunday was as exciting as mine. I woke up super early to the voice of my fur baby whining to be let outside. So I relented, and I let both of the dogs outside. As I opened the door to let them inside, I noticed Kev (fur baby #1) had something inside his mouth. He's part lab, so he always has something inside his mouth. I just thought it was a dirty bone. I'm drinking my warm hazelnut enriched coffee, when all of a sudden I look down at my comfy blue carpet to see a mole lying on it's back with feet sprawled into the air. I suddenly screamed,  "KEVIN!" (Just like in Home Alone, Ha!). Poor guy, Kev was so excited about his early morning kill, he was smiling from ear to ear. He happily picked up the disgusting rodent and trotted outside. What an exciting way to start off my Sunday! 

The filthy rodent my dog admires. 
Other than that it has been a relaxing Sunday with my soon to be Hubby. We have downed a pot of coffee, graded over 7 stacks of homework and tests, and watched NFL football for 8 hours. A successful day? I'd say so! 

Happy grading my fellow teacher friends!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

First blog post...EVER

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I have always wanted to create a blog, and I finally found the courage to create one! My blog is intended to give inspiration for teaching ideas, wardrobe outfits for my fellow teachers on a tight budget, and to share bits and pieces of my everyday life. 

First of all, I am in my second year teaching. Last year, I taught first grade and this year I am teaching second grade. I was able to loop several of my students from last year into my new class. It has been wonderful and I'm enjoying every second of it! 

Here are a few pictures of my classroom this year. Enjoy! 
Milk crate seats that are used for my horseshoe table for small groups.
Here is the EASY tutorial for the milk crate seats! EASY milk crate tutorial

I think it's apparent that I LoVe pOlKa DoTs!
Getting ready for back to school night. I provided my students a "survival kit" for 2nd grade.