Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to keep the LITTLE things organized in your classroom


I know, we all wish it was Friday, but the weekend is almost here!

You can do it! Keep teaching!

My first year of teaching, I thought I was organized. I had little buckets which contained staples, rubber bands, paper clips, white out, etc.

All the little stuff that comes with teaching.

Through out the year, I heard myself say, "Now where is blah blah blah"? I remember saying, "I can't find anything!".

It was a mess. I was a mess.

This year, I was determined to become organized...and to STAY organized.

Yes, I saw this on Pinterest. Yes, it's cute. Yes, it WORKS.

My snazzy teacher tool box. 
How did I make this beautiful piece of art?

Quite simple, actually. 

1. Buy a stack on drawer storage cabinet at Lowe's or Home Depot. ($17)
2. Download and print labels off Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). Here is the link to the store where I bought mine for FREE. 
3. Cut out labels and attach to the inside drawer using double sided tape.

Voila!...It's that easy or as my kiddos would say, "Easy peazy, lemon squeazy".

Happy TGI...Almost Friday!


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