Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday [Fun]day

Hello All! 

I hope your Sunday was as exciting as mine. I woke up super early to the voice of my fur baby whining to be let outside. So I relented, and I let both of the dogs outside. As I opened the door to let them inside, I noticed Kev (fur baby #1) had something inside his mouth. He's part lab, so he always has something inside his mouth. I just thought it was a dirty bone. I'm drinking my warm hazelnut enriched coffee, when all of a sudden I look down at my comfy blue carpet to see a mole lying on it's back with feet sprawled into the air. I suddenly screamed,  "KEVIN!" (Just like in Home Alone, Ha!). Poor guy, Kev was so excited about his early morning kill, he was smiling from ear to ear. He happily picked up the disgusting rodent and trotted outside. What an exciting way to start off my Sunday! 

The filthy rodent my dog admires. 
Other than that it has been a relaxing Sunday with my soon to be Hubby. We have downed a pot of coffee, graded over 7 stacks of homework and tests, and watched NFL football for 8 hours. A successful day? I'd say so! 

Happy grading my fellow teacher friends!

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  1. Your Sunday sounds perfect!!
    And I would FREAK if Murphie brought in any kind of small rodent!!