Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A positive behavior management tool that WORKS and only reinforces GOOD behavior!

Sometimes getting control of our class through out the day can be challenging. There have been moments where I just want to shout, "Be quiet!". However, that wouldn't be appropriate and certainly wouldn't get control of my class! I loved the idea of the sparkly letters that spell "NOISE". You TAKE AWAY a letter every time your students get too loud until there aren't any letters left.

However, I want to create a FUN, engaging, and POSITIVE learning atmosphere. We should be REWARDING our students for GREAT behavior.

So I brainstormed and came up with a plan:

1. Go to Hobby Lobby.
2. Pick out some adorable sparkly foam letters for $1.99 each.
3. Buy small stick on magnets for the back of each letter.
4. Then attach the letters to the whiteboard.

You might be thinking, what letters did she pick out? I picked the letters T, I, G, E, R, S. As a district, we are the TIGERS! I figured, I would reward my class a letter when I saw them doing something great! For example, entering the classroom quietly, getting started on their morning work, raising their hand for permission to speak, walking down the hallway quietly and respectfully, etc!

At the beginning of the day, I start with the letters low on the white board. By the end of the day, our board usually looks like this

I also keep a "Star Chart" that goes from 1-100. Each time they earn "TIGERS" they earn 6 stars. When they reach 100 stars, they get a reward such as extra recess, computer time, Show-N-Tell, etc. 

This is just an idea that has worked well in my classroom. Use if you'd like! :)

Happy blogging my friends!


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