Thursday, January 1, 2015

Currently in January!

What a wonderful year 2014 brought me! I am so excited for 2015, and I know it is going to be great!

 I am joining Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade!

Listening: To Serial podcast. I have never listened to a podcast before, and yes I realize it's 2015 for goodness sakes! Anyways, my good friend recommended I listened to this podcast called, Serial that started this past fall. It's a reporter telling about a crime that happened in Baltimore in 1999. It is so well done and captivating. I drove from my childhood home to my current home which is over two hours and the drive flew by. If you are looking for a great true crime story, this is the story for you! 
Loving: Christmas Break! My break has included napping, eating fantastic food, sipping wine, cuddling next to the fireplace with a great book, quality time with my family and old friends, sleeping in, and absolutely no stress. I couldn't ask for a better break!

Here are some photos from my Christmas break:

My sweet family on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve bowling with the family.

Reading the book, Unbroken by the fireplace...yes, in the dogs' new bed!

New fancy beds for the puppies

Catching up with my sweetest and most thoughtful friend, Brecken!

One of the meals I indulged in over break:Spaghetti with meatballs. 

Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies! Here's the delicious recipe.

My fam bam.

Merry Christmas from the soon to be Morris family!

Made Filipino egg rolls with Mama for Christmas dinner.

My PSU quilt I received for Christmas.
My Grandma, Mimi made apple cheesecake for Christmas dinner.  Absolutely beautiful and it was as good as it looked.

My soon to be mother in law bought me this beautiful bracelet for Christmas. It's a charm bracelet and she added the first two charms to represent our engagement. 

Thinking: How much work I need to do in my classroom. Okay, I'll admit, the Friday before break, when school was over... I sort of ran out the door and screamed, "WAHOO CHRISTMAS BREAK!". Just kidding, but I left rather quickly without planning, grading, or taking down any decorations. So needless to say, I have plenty of work to do. I went today for a few hours and was able to get some grading finished...However, I need to go in one day (maybe tomorrow) and get everything else done! 
Wanting: Snow! It is absolutely freezing in Missouri! We have had a rather warm winter this year so far, and I am wanting a winter wonderland. Now, I'm not saying I want slippery ice...NO. I want soft, white, and beautiful snow. Just one day! If it is going to be bitter cold, bring the snow!

Needing: Motivation to get my work done! Need I say more?

Yes: I will eat a healthy and nutritious diet. I am getting married this April and I want to look my best. I am an avid walker because I have two large dogs. I walk about three miles a day and go to the gym 4 times a week. However, my fiance loves to eat delicious, fatty, and high caloric food! It's so hard to eat a salad when he has cheesy pasta and garlic bread! So I am charge of dinners until April and it's going to be healthy food. Does anyone have any great recipes?

Maybe: A baby? After my fiance and I get married this April, we are going to settle in and enjoy married life. However, through out the year, we may try for a baby! Ah! I get so excited just thinking about it!

I wish: For good health for my family and myself! In this life, the most important things to me are family, love, and health. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their New Year's day!