Saturday, December 6, 2014

5 for Fraturday

Good morning! Hello December! Hope you all had a wonderful school week and the kiddos didn't drive you too crazy!  Here are my five things from my busy week!

Elf Yourself! The time is finally here! I love Christmas and all the holiday decorations that go along with it! My students surprisingly didn't think it was as adorable as I thought it was. I heard many say, "This is creepy". Ha! I plan on hanging their Elf's above their seats. You can find the Elf Yourself activity on TPT here.

Wahoo! Good behavior always needs a reward! My students have earned over 700 stars for excellent behavior shown through out the school. Therefore they earned a Sweet N Salty party! I sent letters home and expected a few students to bring treats. Boy, I was shocked to see almost every student brought in a treat. We had a smorgasbord of sweet and salty treats. The students enjoyed their party by filling themselves with Flaming Hot Cheetos and candy while watching, "A Charlie Brown's Christmas". 
What could be more fun for a 2nd grader?

My students are absolutely wonderful and I adore them. However, with the holidays around the corner, the next few weeks will be challenging! As I was reading Kristin's post at A Teeny Tiny Teacher, I loved the idea she got from Lauren at A Teachable Teacher. The students will have to earn the letters  to the words, "Hot Chocolate" for good behavior. Once they have earned the two words, they will be rewarded with a hot chocolate party! Lauren has also posted a wonderful youtube video of a fire burning! It's perfect for a read aloud. I already have this written in my plans so my students WILL show good behavior so we can have our party! Ha! I'm excited! 

My 14 year old baby brother debuted his basketball career playing junior varsity and scoring 8 points! Unfortunately, I was unable to make it, but my mother sent me videos every five minutes. So therefore, I felt like I was right there! Couldn't be more proud of this little nugget and his achievement. Keep working hard! Can't wait to see you play! xox!

After a busy and stressful week, a little wine is necessary! 

Hope you have a stress free, relaxing, and restful weekend!


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